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Trans-boundary Integration, The Disruptive Innovation In The Era Of LED Jewelry Lighting
Jun 27, 2017

With the global LED jewelry lighting technology development and maturity, LED jewelry lighting industry and related industries technology integration, product Cross-border cases continue to emerge. Enterprises continue to break through the original main business, through the transformation of products and technology, Cross-border layout, in order to find new businesses and profit growth point, open up the market application of "blue sea." Today, many industry "big guy" is in the Cross-border way to force the LED industry transformation, in the guidance channel change, promote brand promotion, innovative business model on the road to open up a road of innovation. In the subversive innovative thinking, the future led industry competition will no longer be a single industry competition, but the joint venture to take risks, Cross-border common Suwa pattern and pattern, this is the common trend of the development of new industries.