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LED Products How To Get Out Of The Sales Cycle
Jun 27, 2017

1: The product circle: The more there is no business, the more you have to dare to load, do not go into the more no business, the more not the more no business until the end of the vicious cycle of collapse. "Proposal" the more no business, we set the gross profit margin, tally hard point, because commodity to control, often exchange, into a batch of clearance for a batch. To exchange the situation to speed up commodity circulation. Store goods keep fresh, keep plump, keep the goods complete. 2: Cost Circle: The less business, the more willing. Do not walk into the less business, the more cost-saving, even the lights are reluctant to open. Not to mention air-conditioning. The more you don't turn on the lights, the more you have to "black", the less business you have. The less open air conditioning, the environment is not good, the more customers do not want to come in, the more reluctant to stay. The worse the natural business, the more the vicious circle of cost-saving. "Proposal" when the business is bad, the more to increase costs, lamps full, air conditioning also open, promotional activities to engage in more. Free little gifts to send more. 3: The People circle: the more there is no business, the more reluctant to invite people, the more eager to expel people. With its cost control, the more this is done, the less popular the store, the more empty the store, the less customers are willing to come in. Even if customers enter the store, there is no one to serve customers, so they walked into the vicious circle of people. "The proposal" has no business, the more to invite people, the more to promote popularity. The more to let the people in the store to promote the popularity, and thus change Feng shui. If you don't have a business, build a team.