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LED Panel Light Each Of The Two Light-emitting Methods Have What Advantages And Disadvantages
Jun 27, 2017

The difference between a straight LED panel light on the structure and the side light-emitting LED panel lamp is no guide plate, Light Guide plate (PMMA) general optical conductivity in 93% or so, direct LED panel lamp because the lamp bead interval is larger, the lamp bead and PC diffusion board between the distance is larger, so that in the point of light will not form dark area. Side light-emitting LED panel lamp light beads emitted by the light guide plate reflective film after the irradiation, after the guide plate so luminous flux will have a certain loss. The disadvantage of light-emitting LED panel lamp is the general condition of luminaire thickness in $number. 5px-125px Direct, side glow generally between 8mm 12mm, than side light-emitting LED panel light to be thicker. The bottom light-emitting LED panel lamp has the advantage of the same lamp bead situation than the side luminous flux to high, so the bottom light-emitting led panel lamp can do more high-power, lower cost, relatively high price. LED panel lamp manufacturer FE lighting focus on the production of direct light-emitting LED panel lights, the main dimensions are: mm, 1200, 1200, can be customized according to customer demand for non-standard dimensions of direct light-emitting LED panel lamp, affordable quality, is your direct light-emitting LED panel lamp One of the best choice suppliers.