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Jewelry Store Lighting Should Choose What Kind Of Lamps
Jun 27, 2017

A good display of light environment by illuminance, spatial sense, color, three-dimensional, dazzling, stability and other factors of influence and constraints, design needs to consider the following major elements: aesthetic: To have decorative space, foil atmosphere, landscaping function. Lighting design to meet the needs of jewelry display as much as possible and design, while meeting the requirements of decoration in the showcase. Different jewelry need to use different lighting to match, generally need to focus on color temperature, illumination and flicker, jewelry in 3300k color temperature light irradiation, can show the best appearance, especially the continuous spectrum of light source, the best jewelry display effect. Different jewelry on the color temperature is also different, such as gold jewelry general use of warm white light for lighting, and silver products or gem products can be used 5500K white lighting. In terms of illuminance, such as gold, platinum, pearls, and so on, due to the small size, so the requirements of the illuminance is high enough, 2000LX can be, and some jewelry such as Jade, crystal, and so on, the attention is gentle, illuminance not too high.