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Characteristics Of The Ceiling Lamp
Jun 27, 2017

LED Ceiling lantern is a kind of lighting lamp which is embedded into the light in the ceilings. Not because of the lighting set up to destroy the ceiling art perfect unification. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, with a structural advantage is the use of light source hidden building decoration interior, LED light source is not exposed, do not stimulate the eye skin! Use of light Source: all the use of low light attenuation high-power led as a light source to ensure its long life, energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection and so on. Power supply: The power is placed on the outside of the lamp body, also can be built into the internal power supply, high demand for heat dissipation. Light type: Narrow light (15) wide-light (45) optional light mode: Smooth lens (strong light), Anilox lens (half intensity light), bead lens (soft light). Wiring mode: terminal wiring. Installation Location: Indoor. Application site: Suitable for automobile display, jewelry, high-end apparel, professional window, counters and other key lighting venues, is to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp and metal halide lamp ideal light source.

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